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You Potty Mouth #^%@!!

The Language Filter (aka Swear Filter) is a forum device implemented to censor a variety of obscenities in the interests of keeping forum content at a PG13 level. It does so by searching for certain word patterns and replacing them with other, less offensive text.

The Language Filter was creatively configured by GT3x24x7 to include some colourful replacement words that generally fit the original context, yet still succeed in making the poster look a right doodiehead.

Some examples of filtered language follow. Use your imagination to determine the original word.

  • Firetruck
  • Fluffyduck
  • Poopoo
  • Weewee
  • Shiznit
  • Shizzle
  • Doodiehead
  • Bumbum

Dumb words? Perhaps. Do they make the poster of an obscenity-filled post look like a four-year-old child? Certainly!

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