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Powerups are an important strategic element in Need for Speed World, so it is worth spending some time to understand each Powerup and how they can benefit your racing.

There are two ways to get Powerups in the game. The first is to win them in the Lucky Draw cards at the end of Races and Pursuits but there is now a new option to use SpeedBoost to buy the specific Powerups you want. If you go to the Powerup Console and look at the bottom of the screen you will see a visual list of all the Powerups. To add more Powerups to your collection highlight the one you want to add and click the SpeedBoost button. You will find this option after each Race (in the bottom right of the Results pop-up) and via the Safehouse.

  • Nitrous: this powerup gives you a quick burst of nitrous, increasing acceleration and briefly optimizing the car's handling. This power-up is upgradeable through four racing skills: Extended Nitrous (the duration of the powerup mid-event), Rapid Fire (reduction of the duration of Cooldown of the powerup), Perfect Start (the duration of the powerup in Perfect Start form), and Super Shot (the velocity of the powerup).
  • Traffic Magnet: Can be used to trap racers into traffic. Has been often criticized for its seemingly unfair power, but you can easily countermeasure it with a shield or juggernaut. This power-up is upgradeable through the Traffic Cop race skill (the duration of the powerup's Cooldown).
  • One More Lap: this powerup adds one more lap to the race. When it is used once by anyone in the game, it cannot be used again by any player. This powerup is upgradeable through the Strong Finisher race skill (the performance boost gained when the powerup is activated).
  • Shield: this powerup gives you immunity from other power-ups, such as Traffic Magnet. This powerup is upgradeable through the Rolling Fortress race skill (the duration of the powerup).
  • Ready: this powerup eliminates the remaining cooldown period for Power-Ups making them ready to use again. This powerup is upgradeable through the Lightning Reflex free roam skill (reduction the duration of the powerup's cooldown time).
  • Juggernaut: this powerup increases your car's speed and weight, however, car handling is impacted negatively. This powerup is upgradeable through the Rampage pursuit skill (the duration of the powerup).
  • Slingshot: this powerup increases significantly the performance of your car when you are trailing the pack. The further from the lead, the greater the boost.
  • Emergency Evade: this powerup knocks cops back if they are too close to your car in a pursuit. This powerup is upgradeable through the Evasion pursuit skill (the knockback power contained in the powerup when used).
  • Run Flats: this powerup restores your tires after running over Spike Strips dropped in a police pursuit.
  • Instant Cooldown: this powerup ends a cop pursuit immediately once you are in cooldown mode.

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