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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is the 16th installment in the long-running Need for Speed series of racing games developed by Criterion Games (best known as the makers of the Burnout series) and published by Electronic Arts. Announced in early 2010, the installment is being described as a "revolutionary" addition to NFS and is supposed to capture the nostalgic style and feel of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit while containing more advanced gameplay and modern graphics.



  • Developer: Criterion Games
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Release dates: November 16th 2010 (North America) and November 19th 2010 (Europe)
  • Available on: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii

Game features


High-speed police chases and exotic cars, the defining elements of Hot Pursuit, are definitely featured. Primarily inspired by the original Need for Speed on 3DO, it'll feature full career modes for both racer and cop, with both sides having their own power-ups such as calling for roadblocks and radar jamming. It'll also feature a social networking feature dubbed "Autolog". An experience system called "Bounty" has been confirmed, although this is unrelated to the bounty seen in Need for Speed Most Wanted. Criterion has described it as more realistic than Burnout Paradise, but less than a simulator, such as Need for Speed SHIFT. Free roam is also available, however unlike in previous installments, the police do not chase you in it, but it is merely for exploring and taking snapshots. There are 20 levels to each side (cops and racers), the highest being "ultimate enforcer" and "most wanted", respectively.


The Need for Speed Hot Pursuit demo was released on October 26th, on the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Live Marketplace. Players got a chance to try out the new Autolog system and get 500 bounty in the full version. The PC version was not released. The demo ended on November 9th.


Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is set in Seacrest County, an entirely open world map which is four times larger than Paradise City, seen in Burnout Paradise. The police department in the game is dubbed SCPD (Seacrest County Police Department).

With its vast open-world, Seacrest County is the perfect place to get your fix for high-speed racing (or chasing) action. There are several diverse locales throughout – coast, desert, forest, and mountain – with unique features to provide each side of the law with certain benefits and challenges. One strong suggestion we'd make is to drive around the county a few times on your own before taking part in any pursuits. Get familiar with the beautiful scenery and its many hidden shortcuts.

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