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City Segment 1
City Segment 2
City Segment 3

City is a beginner-level point-to-point course set on largely straight, highway-like roadways stretching across an urban setting.

The walled highway sections of Need for Speed Underground 2 are strongly reminiscent of the City course.


Track Info

Type: Road
Class: C
Difficulty: Beginner
Total Length: 16.0 mi

Segment 1

Length: 5.2 mi
Difficulty: Beginner
Landmarks: The Institute

This segment is downhill and mostly straight, bar some moderate turns just before the finish. Any car can be easily achieve its top speed here.

Segment 2

Length: 4.7 mi
Difficulty: Beginner
Landmarks: Summervale Industrial Park And Recreation Center

Segment 3

Length: 6.1 mi
Difficulty: Intermediate
Landmarks: The Core, Y. Bother Memorial Park

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