1996 Ford Escort Cosworth

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1996 Ford Escort Cosworth Front View
1996 Ford Escort Cosworth Rear View

The Escort was thoroughly revised in January 1995, although it was still based on the previous model. This version had new front lights, bonnet, front wings, front and rear bumpers, wing mirrors, door handles and 4 different front radiator grilles (slats, honeycombe, circles and chrome). The interior of the car was hugely revised too, featuring an all new dashboard arrangement of competitive quality. However, the underlying car was now four years old and most of its rivals were either new or to be imminently replaced.

Car Info

Make: Ford
Model: Escort Cosworth
Year: 1996
Price: $25,000
Wheel-Drive: Turbo AWD
Horsepower: 227hp
Torque: 220lbs/tq

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