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This article has been copied directly from the NFSU Wikipedia page by 2furio. We should really use original content rather than plagiarising other sources. GT3x24x7 01:50, 15 October 2006 (CDT)

Resizing rims method

Have you ever been frustrated with the fact that your the most beautifull roms were 15"? And you just couldnt make it bigger. Well its possible to make them bigger. Take Acura Interga for example. The one you can create in customize mode will never have rims as size as the Samurai Integra has. (btw. samurai integra is the car you are first driving when going to underground mode. Later it will be aveliable for quick race) And now, how to get thoose big rims? Take one car that can have 20" rimz. That could be Skyline or 350Z and place your favourite rimz on it. Now exchange that skyline for integra or any other car and the rimz will not change. Thoose will be the same size as they were on Skyline, and bigger rims make your car look cooler. This method can be reversal so you can have extra small rims on skyline. Just buy thoose rimz for miata or integra or any "small rims car" and swap the car for skyline. The method might be usefull for our showroom crew

!!! This works only for Underground mode, NOT customize mode !!!

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