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A little history

The origins of bashderq are always misunderstood as he usually describes himself as a red haired ex-african, soon-to-australian asian. Born the 3rd kid in his family on the 3rd of an un-3rd month, he surprisingly considers (depending on the circumstances) the number 3 as his lucky number.

He is currently known to operate under several names such as Immy, Bash, Nibbles, Taj, The Black Man, Pimp, Evil_Fruitcake and M.I.B (which is the initials of his real name).

Claim to fame

- got his 1st trophy as a 2 year old kid because he could colour within the lines

- when he was 3 years old, he fell head first down some stairs in his cousin's home in London (many historians agree that though his head was not cracked open, the earth was shaken to its foundations and the angels wept)

- came top in his year 2 class

- was a fashion model in year 4

- claimed the top cricketer trophy in year 7 because he was the best scorer ever

- survived a drowning incident

- discovered the powers of electricity due to an unfortunate encounter with faulty wiring and a metal door frame

- nearly killed his fellow dentist by 'loosing control' of a boat as the dentist was water ski-ing

- became the proud owner of the 1st iPod in his school

- attended a Jewish School

- attended a Catholic School

- was noted not to be a Christian or a Jew

- exposed to nudity at school in year 3 (but seriously, as if anyone at that age even knew the significance of two naked people of the opposite sex standing naked together in the same room)

- was drunk at the age of 6 (discovered that Irish Coffee included way more than just roasted beans)

- never became drunk again (begining of his new life as a social outcast)

- nearly got crushed in a freak accident (also learnt that Toyota Corrollas are built like tanks)

- got bitten by a lion cub...was later exposed to the bosom of a woman other than his own mother's.

- became a Valuable member in NFSunlimited

The Legends and Myths

Coming soon

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