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This is Jopuma when he is owning n00bs on America's Army.



Jopuma is the name for the ever so noobish user of He was nearly banned by the Forum Police from his retardedly arrogant ways. But the kindly Forum Police showed this feeble little hermit mercy and gave him a second chance to reform his evil ways from being against the Forum Rules to abiding solely by them.

Life Above Ground

Jopuma spends little time above ground. Whenever he does it's a short time of only a few hours. But it is enough for him to get freaked out by human contact and go back underground where it's safe.

Life Under Ground

Jopuma's life is spent mostly underground hiding by his computer. He posts on forums, works on programs, listens to music, and downloads anime scans, wallpapers, and videos to pass the time.


  • D.O.B.: March 11th 1991
  • Location: Colorado, USA
  • Name: Josiah
  • Favorite Bands: Pillar, Skillet, Leeland, Underoath, and Dead Poetic are only a few.
  • Tyres is spelt with a Y. Discuss: In the US of A it's spelt Tires ;)

(Like bogan's profile just put in what you want to know in the stats and I'll do the rest.)

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