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Paul Kusters, 18 years old, born on 17 June 1991, lives in the Netherlands, student in Computer Technologies. I have 2 accounts, Nismo D1 and Nismo-Skyline, of which Nismo-Skyline is used mainly, Nismo D1 hasn't been used for over a year.

About me

In my daily life I mainly hang out at the fitness, doing power training, 3 times a week. I'm a big fan of tuner rides, mainly the Nissan Skyline. I still have both of my parent, and a sister and I dog :P who support me in my daily life :P And I argue a lot with annoying ppl of my past :P

My garage

I have a garage on NFS Unlimited. I'm busy with tuning rides in NFS Pro Street, mainly for team Futau Battle. I also have some re-uploads from older rides that where uploaded on this account or on the Nismo D1 account. Also have the Just Pro Street garage, with random NFS Pro Street rides, street or racing.

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