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Below are the racing modes featured in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2010. There are no laps (circuit tracks) in the game, only a certain amount of miles until the finish, thus a sprint-oriented setting.




A regular race, which can range from 5 to 43 miles (the final race dubbed Seacrest Tour is that long). No weapons available, all you need to do is drive fast, avoid crashes and take shortcuts.

Time Trial

A timed run using a certain car class. If you pass the initial time limit, you get a gold medal, secondary - silver, final - bronze. Once again, no weapons available.


Exactly the same as Time Trial, only here you are using a car you have yet to unlock.


A one-on-one race against a skilled AI opponent. No weapons available.

Hot Pursuit

Puts you on an intense high speed race to the finish against usually no more than four other drivers, while evading the police and fighting against them with your weapons arsenal. Amount of weapons and selection are mixed along with the weather conditions to make it more challenging. Notably one of the Hot Pursuit events ("Against All Odds") gives you absolutely no weapons.


Another variant of the Time Trial, only this time with a twist: the cops are after you and you can fight them with various weapons. One of the events, "Blast From The Past," notably puts you without any weaponry, somewhat mimicking the Burnout Paradise "Marked Man" events.



Puts you on a dramatic high speed chase against a single suspect. Weapon arsenals, weather conditions, etc. vary for both of you. Later on, suspects are able to pull u-turns, thus escaping roadblocks or simply getting them closer to evasion, but you are usually informed. Other tactics employed by the opponent are using shortcuts and in some cases, confusing the police radar. One of the events ("Double Cross") puts you against a fellow cop gone rogue.

Hot Pursuit

Has you shut down a race by using whatever you have to bust up to seven suspects in a high speed chase.

Rapid Response

The police equivalent of a Time Trial, under the premise of being called as a backup car. What truly differentiates it from the racer version is the fact that you are given penalties whenever you hit something (hitting the side of the road gives you a two second penalty, traffic collisions give you three). No weapons available.


The same as the racer equivalent, only you are once again given penalties for collisions. No weapons available.

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