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The Ken, aka boganbusman


Real Name



Just look straight ahead. The Ken is, how to put this nicely.. acutely vertically challenged.. thus, viewing over him is a rather natural and straightforward affair.

Ken is an active member on the Forum, and sole founder of the Tech Talk thread. He specialises in being an arsehole to n00bs, assisting with car related knowledge, and doing the odd Photoshop job.

Ken is also the pioneer of the free-for-all Stats section. Accept no imitations.


Ken's skills are as diverse as they are strange, and you may be shocked to discover that he has recently stumbled into the world of art. His work mainly comprises of GT4 screenshots, but there is much more exciting and amazing stuffs to be found. Check it out d00dz:

boganbusman's SR3 gallery


Open to requests. Just type a new category (eg. Favourite book, Height, etc.) and I'll fill it in. Have fun . . .

  • Height (above ground when dropped as baby): 289 feet
  • Favourite small furry animal: Echidna
  • Favourite small furry animal, barbecued: Cat
  • Favourite rap tune: fuly sik VL turbo song
  • Favourite shade of pink: Burgundy
  • Favourite insult: Yo momma is so fat, dat when she jump for joy, she got stuck
  • Favourite person named Ken: Ken Masters
  • Secret desire: To be an engineer on a race team
  • Ok, now the truth: . . . sew sequins into dresses
  • First pet's name: Pom Pom
  • Street name of first home: NFI . . . it was in Collingwood somewhere
  • Pornstar name (combination of two above): Pom Pom Collingwood
  • 10 things I like to do with bananas besides eating them: Banana's are too expensive these days, jeez
  • Worst pickup line ever used: Baby I'm like a Rubiks cube, the more you play with me the harder I get
  • Most embarassing moment: When I rode my bicycle into a parked car
  • Date of last shower (state year): 1987
  • Person on NFSUnlimited I would most like to be: GT3x24x7, of course
  • F1 team: FERRARI
  • AFL team: Knagaroos
  • V8 Supercars team: Stone Brothers Racing
  • International Synchronised Swimming League team: Western Australia
  • ISSL team member I would most like to be: GT3x24x7, of course
  • Why I failed so dismally at the ISSL tryouts session: GT3x24x7 was too good for me
  • If I hear another #@%*& Barbie joke, I'll: Strangle some poor defenceless kittens
  • And then I'll: Eat them
  • And if that hasn't done the trick, then: I'll sacrifice The-Gravedigger
  • If I could change my name, I'd choose: Sonic
  • My friends all think I'm: Amusing
  • Number of friends I have: 1
  • Number of those people that don't call me 'asshat' regularly: 0
  • Three things I LOVE: Cars, Cars . . . and . . . GT3x24x7
  • Thirty-nine things I HATE: Things to do, people to call . . .
  • Hobbies: Cars, HaxX0ring
  • Why I didn't mention my needlepoint addiction in the last answer: I was too busy shooting up
  • The first poem I ever wrote: "How to extract maximum thermal efficiency from titanium valve springs"
  • My first word was: Icking (ice-cream)
  • The truth behind the 'boganbusman' nickname: Long story, and it's not very funny
  • Musical instruments I can play: Trouser harp
  • Complete list of musical instruments I cannot play: Just Google 'musical instruments'
  • Briefly, the operation of the Bainbridge Mass Spectrometer is as follows: Teh ting goes intu teh ting . . . ting!
  • Seven tips for building your Bainbridge Mass Spectrometer: [1] Get drunk, [2] What am I doing again?
  • Spell "physics". Bonus points for correct capitalisation: pHizZiXxusoU
  • Favourite car: Toss-up between Ferrari 288GTO and Aston Martin V8 Vantage
  • Favourite nickname: Special K

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