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1971 Dodge Challenger
The first Dodge Challenger was the division's late entrant to the pony car market segment in the United States, launched for the 1970 model year. It was strongly based on the similar Plymouth Barracuda's new E-body but with two inches (51 mm) of extra wheelbase and somewhat different outer sheetmetal. Exterior design was done by Carl "CAM'" Cameron, whom also did the exterior for the 1966 Dodge Charger. For the 1970 Challenger grille, CAM' based it off of an older sketch of his of a 1966 Charger prototype that was designed to have a turbine engine. The Charger never got the turbine, but the Challenger got that car's grille. Although the Challenger was well-received by the public (with 80,000 sales in 1970 alone), it was criticized by the press, and the pony car segment was already declining by the time the Challenger arrived. Challenger production ceased after the 1974 model year, only having lasted five years; performance dropped off dramatically after the 1971 models. About 165,500 Challengers were sold over this model's lifespan.

SOURCE: Wikipedia

Car Info

Make: Dodge
Model: Challenger
Year: 1971
Class: Muscle
Confirmed: Yes

This car is exclusive to the EA Downloader version of Need for Speed Carbon.

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