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The zero2HEROChallenge was the biggest and bestest comp to that point. It was all about modding cars as you progress through the game and entrants got to enter three car pics each, spread across three garages. The first car could have only parts up to level 1, the second car has parts up to level 2 and the third car can have any parts at all!! What's more, each entrant had to do the same model car each time - just like taking a car through the game and modding it up as you go along. There were 15 entrants.

Entrant Ratings Winner: FlamingNeon417's 350Z (8.36/12)
User Ratings Winner: FlamingNeon417's 350Z (8.36/12)

Guest Ratings Winner: Sp3ak's RSX (6.71/7)

Entrant Ratings Winner: Sp3ak's RSX (8.79/10)
User Ratings Winner: Sp3ak's RSX (8.79/10)

Guest Ratings Winner: Dubster's Celica (6.8/5)

Entrant Ratings Winner: Hot Sauce's Supra (8.86/12)
User Ratings Winner: Hot Sauce's Supra (8.86/12)

Guest Ratings Winner: viper_gts' Tiburon (6.8/5)

Entrant Ratings Winner: GT3x24x7's Lancers (8.5/33)
User Ratings Winner: GT3x24x7's Lancers (8.32/37)

Guest Ratings Winner: Supra-Man's Imprezas (6.62/26)

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