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Need for Speed Carbon categorises cars into three classes: Muscle, Tuner and Exotic.



A muscle car is a high-performance automobile. The term principally refers to American or Australian models with large-capacity engines produced between 1964 and 1973.

The term muscle car generally describes a mid-size car with a large, poweful engine (typically, although not universally, a V8 engine) and special trim, intended for maximum acceleration on the street or in drag racing competition. It is distinguished from sports cars, which were customarily and coincidentally considered smaller, two-seat cars, or GTs, two-seat or 2 2 cars intended for high-speed touring and possibly road racing. High-performance full-size or compact cars are arguably excluded from this category, as are the breed of compact sports coupes inspired by the Ford Mustang, the "pony car". Another factor used in defining a classic muscle cars is age and country of origin. A classic muscle car is usually but not necessarily made in the US or Australia between 1964 and 1975. SOURCE: Wikipedia


Import tuners are cars that are imported into America from another country. Most import tuners are from Japan, which seems to have Import tuners as the biggest hype in cars. Import tuners are also huge in such movies as The Fast and The Furious series.

Southern California has always been associated with the car culture, and not surprisingly, import car racing has its roots there, too. According to Namkung, import car racing started gaining attention in the Southern California media in the early 1990s. Predominantly involving Asian-American males at its start, import car racing differed from other, earlier California car cultures such as muscle cars and "low riders" because its participants focused on sub-compact, import cars to modify. SOURCE: Wikipedia


A supercar is a term used for a sports car, typically an exotic or rare one, whose performance is highly superior to its contemporary sports cars. The proper application of this term is subjective and disputed, especially among enthusiasts. In addition, the use of the term is dependent on the era; a vehicle that is considered to be a supercar at one time may not retain its superiority in the future. Nonetheless, the automotive press frequently calls new exotic cars "supercars".

It should be noted here, however, that the term supercar usually refers to particular models of factory-built, street-legal sports cars, rather than heavily modified and potentially street-illegal vehicles for quarter-mile or track purposes. Because supercars are usually designed for road and amateur track use rather than racing alone, their standard equipment often do not include roll cages and other mandatory requirements for race cars. SOURCE: Wikipedia

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